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7 - 18 November, 2022
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Climate Action Innovation Zone

Climate Action Stage

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Start, Scale, Soar: Scaling and implementing indigenous solutions

11 Nov 2022
Climate Action Stage
Climate justice is about redressing and addressing the underlying inequities that cause and exacerbate climate change. How might Indigenous solutions that strengthen the ties between people, their land, and their traditional, ancestral ways, contribute to climate justice in ways that are equitable, replicable and scalable? We need leadership and perspectives that reject competitive colonial dynamics in favour of highly connected, collaborative ecosystems that enable Indigenous programmes, policies and processes to flourish. Join leading climate advocate Jade Begay as she shines a spotlight on the varied and interconnected efforts of Indigenous peoples to deliver effective, just and inclusive climate action.
Jade Begay, Climate Justice Campaign Director - NDN Collective
Nicole Yanes, NDN Foundation Program Officer - NDN Collective
Janene Yazzie, Southwest Regional Director - NDN Collective
Moñeka De Oro, Fellow - Micronesia Climate Change Alliance
Amy Juan, Manager - International Indian Treaty Council

Climate Action Innovation Zone at COP28

Climate Action is delighted to announce the Climate Action Innovation Zone 2023 will run between Monday 4th and Friday 8th December at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai.

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