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7 - 18 November, 2022
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Climate Action Innovation Zone

Climate Action Stage

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Meeting the climate crisis from within: acceleration of climate action from an inner dimension

12 Nov 2022
A series of guided mindfulness & compassion practices in the Plum village tradition. Meeting stillness so as to be able to listen deeply to ourselves, others and the planet. Creating space within so that the new mindset can take root and flourish. The radical and urgent turn-around of behaviours and mindsets we need to see globally relates to a personal shift. Changing ourselves and the world are not separate. They go hand in hand. Mutually reinforcing and essential to one another. Join us in the Innovation Zone at COP27. Register here When we can understand our Interconnectedness with all of Life on Earth from a deeper place in our consciousness, then acting for the sake of the world no longer is a task outside of us but becomes second nature; naturally we are taking care of ourselves. For this to happen, we need to learn to slow down, pause so that we can feel life moving through us. This opens the way to become mindful of our gestures and emotions so that a real reconnection to our true nature can be restored. With the understanding of our inherent ‘ecological self’ we are nourished with a larger vision of what we are, what we are part of and what we can do – together. This will be a key factor in creating the systemic change we need to activate. Different possibilities can emerge and become our reality when put our heart and mind bodies together
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Climate Action Innovation Zone at COP28

Climate Action is delighted to announce the Climate Action Innovation Zone 2023 will run between Monday 4th and Friday 8th December at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai.

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